General Election 2017

Back in May I promised on Instagram to document the behind-the-scenes work of the Labour Party during the General Election as I moved around the country volunteering at a number of key marginal seats where at the time it was looking like helping keeping pro-Corbyn MPs in jobs. Sadly, though I ended up being so busy travelling from constituency to constituency, knocking doors, making phone calls and being told Jeremy Corbyn is a traitor to the country that most of the time I never even had time to take my cameras out of the bag. But, what few images I did take show the transformation over a few weeks from campaigning in the torrential rain in Lancaster with Owen Jones through to stepping out of Highbury & Islington tube on the eve of the election to hundreds of handmade posters as I made my way to Union Chapel

So, next time I’ll try and take some images and especially more portraits. Let’s just hope it will be very soon.

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