From almost two years ago now, I was fortunate enough to be in Manchester to work with the wonderful Model Vanessa and Hair Stylist and MUA Anneliese. Despite the stereotypical Mancunian showers we got through a couple of hours work in the Northern Quarter where we stumbled upon some nice Graffiti in a back street featuring Alan Turing, an old abandoned car, a nice photogenic Italian Fish and Chip shop and taking refuge from the rain in a nice old fashioned boozer which had the the added bonus of some much needed natural light. While we were enjoying a well earned drink and looking through images on the camera we discovered Jeremy Corbyn had just been elected leader of the Labour Party and I felt mixed emotions of being overjoyed that a genuine socialist would be leading the party, but having left London I had put my news work on hold and missed an amazing opportunity to document one of the greatest shocks in British political history.

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