Roarie Yum – Colour

Alongside Valentina, Roarie was also someone whose work I had long admired on social media and I was lucky enough to check an online casting last April to see that she was briefly passing through the U.K. on her almost never ending tour and was passing close by to Shropshire. Though I was still pretty new to shooting portraits and not yet comfortable with shooting fashion I bit the bullet and applied in the thinking she would so busy she would not even have time to reply. So, it was pretty surprising when I received an instant reply and was happy to make a detour on her trip North. Taken over a two day shoot between bouts of rain where we mostly bonded over cat videos and our appreciation of Bernie Sanderswhile finding some time to take some photos too.

Sadly, she has recently announced her Retirement from full-time modelling, but I feel lucky enough to briefly get to work with her.

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