Aimee Megan

Having returned to Shropshire after six years in London I realised quickly that I needed to diversify my work. After working freelance on news events, street photography and personal projects that covered my left-wing politics from Anti-Austerity Demos, the Occupy Movement to Trade Union events but living in a town with a Tory MP with a 6,000 majority work would be thin. But having done a few headshots for actor friends as well assisting my former flat mate with her fashion blog, I wondered if I could completely change direction. Having joined a couple of networking sites and have a couple of no shows on Shoots, I got a message from Aimee. Shot at a time when I was shooting on digital, but just starting to return to film which meant I ended up taking along five cameras including a Fuji Instax and Olympus MUJI point and shoot which I sadly lost later in the day. Shot mainly with a Nikon D7200 but testing with the then new / old Mamiya 645 AFD with Kodak VC 100 and Portra 400 120mm film.

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